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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1 Viewer)

I have had this book in my possession for years but never even cracked it open. I always assumed that it was some radical, 60's, hippie, free-love, glories of Woodstock jag. There is enough of that kind of stuff out there, seen it, read it, not interested.

Then a couple of days ago, needing something to read, I finally opened the book, not expecting to even make it to page 2.

Boy were my preconceptions ever wrong.
I'm only half way through now, but this is one heavy duty book! Fantastic writing, good pace, plot, prose - technically excellent. Contrary to what I thought this book is only tangentially about the period in which it was written. It's about a man's search for himself...I won't say any more about that description, because I don't want to ruin it for those who might want to pick this up.

It is also about philosophy. In fact, so far, this seems to be the overarching theme. This appeals to me, because I earned my BA in Philosophy (don't ask...please!). Pirsig, the author, uses motorcycles as a means to illustrate the many very heavy and deep ideas that he presents. In fact, he succeeded in explaining Immanuel Kant to me in a way that I could finally understand. The university couldn't do that...and neither could Kant...anyone who's tried to read Kant will know what I mean. Anyway, I can already tell that this book will make my all time list of favorites. This will put it in the company of "Lord of the Rings", "Les Miserables", "Lonesome Dove", and others (those are just the L's...Zen will be the first Z entry).

Well gotta go read a bit more...it's so dense with meaning, I can only take it in small bites.
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And you haven't even got to the heavy stuff yet... *grins* just you wait... :lol: I reckon the last couple of chapters should keep you bedazzled & bedimmed for at least a month.

Good book though huh? Me, I'm a Classical.

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And not to ruin the story for anyone, but if you have a recently published copy of this book, there's an addition that explains what happened to the author's son since the book was written.