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Zen and Motorcycle Maintenance (1 Viewer)


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My reading time is typically alloted for when I am at work, on one of my two jobs.....it takes longer but has allowed for some good reading.
Today I started Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance...... so far I think I'm going to like it........I'm expecting great things.
Any of you read it?


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I have made a mental note to read it since I have heard so many people mention it. When it has been mentioned no one says what it is about though...

what is it about?


I have read it once but it was quite a while back. It was good although I still know nothing about motorcycle repair


the book isn't so much about motorcycle repair - it uses motorcycle repair almost by example, as a device by which to approach the idea of Zen. I knew nothing about it, and I still know nothing about it, and maybe understanding something about motorcycles or cars or machines in general would have given me a keener insight into the book, but I still found it moving, enlightening and unique.


I read it years ago and it made a huge impression on me at the time, left me feeling spiritually uplifted in a non God bothering way.

I wonder if it seems culturally dated now, IIRC, it was a book very much of it's time. I shall have to dig my copy out sometime.


I'm reading that book right now actually. It's really interesting. I'm not into motorcycles, but I find it quite nifty that most of his philosophical rants he always ties into motorcycling. Very cool book. I also like that line from it- 'Truth knocks on your door, but you say 'Go away, I'm looking for truth' ' (paraphrase)


I read that in high school (recommended from a friend). I remember at that time I thought it was well above average. Re-read again a couple years ago, nothing special stuck out this time. I think zebedee might have a point about being culturally deflated