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Youth (1 Viewer)

TL Murphy

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I was inspired by Darren’s audio poem “I Sit with You” read by Sarah Ella. So I’m posting one of my early Garage Band poems here that is on YouTube. I did another version of this a few years later on Sound Cloud, which I will post below as well but I think I like the earlier YouTube version better, although it’s about a minute too long. Live and Learn.


sound cloud version (quite different) https://soundcloud.com/user105480720/youth


Tuesday morning I woke up old.
It hit me like some
dark smell from the closet
while I shuffled by each day.

Not ancient, mind you
but long past young,
the vigor muscled out
by a tease of cold self knowledge.

I told myself,
maybe if I went easy on the wine,
I could get it back
or settle, at least, for passing on
some crusty gem from
whatever it was I did.

But sentiment fades
and we're left with the booby prize of understanding,
which is all I ever wanted
but now I can’t even give it away.

Down in the corner café some parrot head
brags about his kick-ass ride.
Kid, if you only knew...
He cocks his head,
“Wass at Gramps?”

Never mind, kid,
you’ll know soon enough -
if you’re among the lucky
and time treats you well.
But I wouldn’t want to spoil your pleasure
of finding out the hard way.

Maybe hitch on down to the Bayou
and catch yourself some catfish.
Shoot some hoops in the hood
and see if you can take the heat
or shovel shit in Nowhereville
til you learn to love the smell of it.

You might catch a ride on the magic bus
from Frisco to The Apple.
Check out the show on the Lower East Side
where nobody knows your name.

Or shack up with lady blue eyes, here.
She’ll teach you a thing or two
about all the stuff you thought you wanted
‘til you got it.

Then haul your sorry ass up Sucker Mountain
where the monks live on water and air.
They laugh all day at death
and weep all night at who-knows-what.

Then watch a few friends bite the dust
before their scars heal,
swim out to the middle of the lake
and tread water until sunrise.

But why am I telling you this?
There’s really only one thing
you should know, kid
about that kick-ass ride:

gravity wins every time.
So rubber side down, son
and try to keep up.
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Darren White

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I knew this one, I have been a HUGE fan of your Spoken Word poetry for a long time now. The one in the Poetry Podcast is great as well.
Love to listen to it here again :)


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wow I'm a fan- great spoken word - one hell of a fantastic poem and a great voice over- I felt you -


WF Veterans
Tim, the presentation of your poetry is mesmerizing. The music is perfect, your voice is great. Surprising with its grit. I loved listening and feeling how YOU feel your words. Great poetry. Thank you