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Your fav. romantic/love story books? (1 Viewer)



whats the books that you get butterflys and that make you feel in love all over again.


Kira the wanderer said:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Ditto. I absolutely love P&P and all of the characters in it. I think it's probably because I can connect with Elizabeth on more than a few points.


Senior Member
A kiss of shadows-Laurell K Hamilton
Caress of Twilight-Laurell K Hamilton
Seduced my Moonlight-Laurell K Hamilton
and Stroke of Midnight-Laurell K Hamilton


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
I've heard Darcy be called the most romantic character in fiction. I heartily agree. Though Mr. Bennet is a delightful second favorite. :)


Ada or Adore by Vladimir Nabrokov - if you thought Lolita was a forbidden love then check this one out! fantastically written utopian idylic setting aswell that makes me wish i lived somewhere sunny!


You know what's a good one? It anther randition of "Inferno" called "What dreams may come". I guess they made the movie and the book. I liked it. There's something about the dark side of love and the loneliness within a marriage during and after death.