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Obey Chiyangwa

Hie mates. My name is Obey Chiyangwa and i am Zimbabwean, in Africa. I have been writing since the age of sixteen, and i am 38 now, but i have never sought any sort of publication. This is the first time i have really gone public about my passion for writing and i hope to meet people, fellow writers and critiques, who will help me with my works. I am more of a peot than prose writer though i have also written a good number of short stories.

Most of my poetry is inspired by the situation here in africa, especially my country of birth, Zimbabwe. Economic hardships, poverty, disease, illiteracy, wars and so on and so forth are the issues that send us seeking words to describe how hurt and frustrated and disturbed ad disgruntled and generally unhappy we are as a people.

I am a computer ehtusiast and i run my own computer company called Brand Computers (Pvt) Ltd. I am based in the captal city of Zimbabwe, Harare.

I love reading (Sheldons, Stephen Kings, Dambudzo Marecheras, Shimmer Chinodyas, Wilber Smiths, a lot of Internation and local writers, so many i cannot continue to bore you with their names)

Thats me good friends