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“He who wants milk should not place a stool in the middle of a field and wait for the cow to back up to him,” was the 1998 Varsity Volleyball Hawk’s motivation this year. The Hawks used these words to inspire them through a year of learning and success. The girls developed new skills in team work, learned the importance of friendship and loyalty, and managed to keep up with school work along with the sport they love and enjoy. Other than just winning games and having fun, the game taught the girls an important lesson that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. It taught them about setting goals and determination. Determination is an important part of the game of volleyball. Without determination, a volleyball team is lacking. However, this year’s team lacked nothing. Team work was another major aspect of the Hawks. New Varsity coach, Maggie Koeho, brought new ideas and philosophies to light. “Coach Koeho is really helpful. She not only coaches, but also helps each and individual player when she feels like they need it. We felt really connected to her and felt that we could share our feelings with her as a friend and not just a coach,” says Kristin Vonesh, sophomore volleyball. Senior leadership consisted of Co-captains Amy Angarone and Lisa Calenda, setter Andrea Ubraszewski, outsides Mary Megan Anderson, Kathleen Dune and right-side Ellen Crawford.
Though teamwork and dedication the athletes on varsity learned the most important lesson: friendship. “I have made so many new friends in my team. It’s easier to play together when you are all friends. You want to work together and play nice instead of getting mad at each other. I think the closeness of team plays a big role in its success,” says Tina Rivera. Practicing six days a week for at least two hours gave them a close bond that created memories for all to remember.