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yay sadness?!?!?!.... o.0.....!!!! (1 Viewer)


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I haven't been through the hole grieving process but my dad died last week nd I am having conflicting emotions.... on the one hand there are all the things I wasn't able to do or express because my dad would kick me out on the streets if I did so joy and excitement.. on the other hand I still miss my dad. literally he was the one I relied on to be there for me no matter what. I really need to work though both sets of these emotions... I swear I feel conflicted on what I should work on first. any help would be appreciated...
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I am so sorry. I'm sorry things feel unresolved. I'm sorry that emotions are so complex. I've never understood even the simpler ones. Not being an emotional person, to me they're just like storms or seizures. They just wash over me or knock me flat.

I'm told we all handle grief and good news differently. I've seen it go seven-different ways from Sunday and I won't offer you bromides or platitudes. The best I can do for you, is to tell you that time will drag you through it, if you let it.

And I am sorry, not just for your father, but that it has left you like this and wish I could offer more help than this. But I'm not qualified, but I can tell you that I wish you the best and hope you find your way to deal with it.



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Kunox, my condolences. I remember when I lost my dad it left a huge hole in my life. The only way I got through the grieving process was to pretend he was in the next room. Gradually time healed the loss and I worked through it.


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My condolences Kunox. I hope you can one day work again. If you are on the right medicine and moods one day it could be very gratifying. For me while in the United States and abroad it took many years to find the medicine that would work for me. The United States is the land of opportunities. You could one day enroll into a computer course for free. There are so many free services in Virginia. All I needed was a social worker to find them for me when I lived over there.

IMO one of the best therapies is to feel accomplished. To have fulfillment or to satisfy that need. If you can do that you'd be better positioned. But I know you need to solve some problems first.