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Hey All,

I am new to this forum so I figured my first post should be one introducing myself. I am certainly not a writer by trade, in fact quite far from it other then bland I.T. documentation. I am 26 and just a month shy of my 27th birthday. My favorite number happens to be 27 so I highly doubt the year will live up to my already high expectations of it. I am a Senior Network Engineer by trade and already make a very comfortable living. I have a wife in med school and a 4 year old daughter.

It has always been my dream to write a novel or two if only just to have it read and thought about by others. I have decided to persue this dream of mine and hope this forum will provide valuable insight.

I have already started several novels, all of which remain quite unfinished since I can never decide on any given theme. I have, however, decided to stick with my current idea and I am through 3 chapters. I currently utilize Dramatica 4.0 to help me plot out all my story points, however their story guide is nowhere near where I need it to be based on the depth I want my characters to have.

I also write, produce, and star in a web tv documentary series, but more about that much later after everyone knows me a tad bit better.
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Might as well get to know you sooner than later, eh? :)

I'd love to see some of your video work.