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I'm glad to hear you're still around Dale - the forum seems tamer without you :) Good to hear that your work is still being acknowledged too.
That new release looks interesting. Do you intend to bring out a version for the Kindle?

I'm not sure if the publisher is going to or not with this one. All his other releases have kindle versions. Some have kindle versions, but no print versions. I saw that last night when it was released and wondered. I haven't asked about it yet, though.


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kind of an introspective post. i found a copy of my 1st novel i didn't even know i had. i hadn't read it in years. it was published in 2014.
which means i wrote it in 2012. but sitting here reading it after all these years? i'm kind of stunned at the difference between my writing now
and back then. it just seems so damn immature and amateur. lol. i mean...compared with the novel i'm writing now. and i had a few people
that absolutely loved that book. i had a middle school girl actually write her english class finals book report on that novel and tell me i was
sincerely her favorite writer. i had some lady in montana tell me it disturbed her so much, she put it down for a month halfway through it
before picking it up again to finish it. but when i read it now? ummm...it's not that i feel like it's entirely terrible. it's not. i've read worse coming
from major publishers on actual bookstore shelves. but still....it's just so amateur compared to what i'm doing now. lol. it kind of gives me a boost
of confidence, to be honest. like maybe i will get a manhattan agent to pick up this new one when i'm finished with it. it was just a little mind-blowing
to read it after all these years.