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Does anyone subscribe to any of the Writing Magazines out there? I've picked up the occasional copy of Writers Digest and was thinking of subscribing. What other Magazines are out there for us?


Lol, good question, I'm sure there are many out there, but I can't think of any right now, If I do, I'll let ya know.
The Writer is a very good magazine. I wish I knew of others but Writer's Digest and The Writer seem to be the big ones.



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Don't subscribe! Buy it at the stand, unless you like having your mailbox suddenly inundated with all kinds of writing promotions, requests for subscriptions. Its a good magazine, though a little heavy on the ads, and I love Writer's Digest books, but after I subscribed a couple years ago I found my post office box suddenly being inundated with every kind of "writing related offer" under the sun.

Coincidence? Probably, but after cancelling my subscription (just buying at the stand now) and spending a year sending back the offers in their own postage-paid envelopes, asking them remove me from their lists, the inflow has begun to diminish. In fact there's so little I'm starting to feel snubbed. :p . Thank you Lord!


Good Reading

There are great magazines for writers on stands. Print mags are good for when you want to read info offline, but there are thousands of websites for writers with free information. Try a search for writing resources, freelance writing, etc. and see what's online for you to read.

Best wishes.