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Writing Insomnia (1 Viewer)


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My Character can't seem to fall asleep! She had a mighty spook earlier in the day and now can't stop thinking about it while she's in bed and supposed to be asleep. I thankfully haven't experienced insomnia for quite some time, so I can't remember what it was like to be unable to sleep. Anyone got any tips for how to write about insomnia and its effects?


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The mind doesn't stop. It never does. You lie in bed with nothing, but that nothing roams around, whilst you try to clamp your eyes shut only to hear it footsteps marking it's muddy prints in your mind. You worry about tomorrow, what it will bring, what you need to do or have done, that others may laugh or cry, scorn or shout. You think this is so stupid, that you cannot control the past and that the future is undecided, yet the mind still wonders, and walks, so you can lie in your bed, comatose, or squirming around trying desperately to fall asleep, fighting, but it never happens.

You feel so tired. The body aching, cracking as it tells you to let go, but there is nothing to hold. There is nothing and it is nothing that keeps you awake.



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Trying to launch dreams all the time UNTIL at 5am suffering total exhaustion plus anxiety when you endure the crowning horror, worst experience of all is the - launch of the lying on your back with your eyes closed - dream.

A worse torture than entire day at the office dream, IMO. Asides from night terror demon upon belly scene.


There's that feeling that you're just about to drop off to sleep like a perfect dive into a deep pool only to find the pressure of wakefulness pushing back. You're rejected from sleep again and again, turned away in increasing frustration. That frustration joins up with the worries of the day or problems you were hoping to drown in sleep until you're on a hellish merry-go-round in your own head. You try not to look at the clock, you don't want to look at the clock because then angry panic will set in, you've got to get up in the morning and you won't be rested. You won't be rested and so right now at frickin' 2:04 AM - oh crap, looked at the clock - you're already ruining the day to come. You try to relax but now you're strung tight as a violin string pitching a high C and now adrenaline won't let you sleep. And what about those problems? Like a horde of demented chihuahuas they nip and harry your mind, tiny claws scrabbling through grey matter. You groan, turn over, your bed is even beating you up now, your back hurts, your neck has a kink in it. Try to be calm, try to settle down...finally, you give up, get up, go to the bathroom, pace around the house, try to calm down. Finally, you lie back down, go to bed all over again and this time the aches subside, resignation has set in, and you're sleepy. Grey light brightens the windows and you feel sad for the night past that you didn't get rest. You close your gritty, achinig eyes and finally, finally sleep...for two hours before the alarm rings.