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November? Let me check my day planner.

Hmm. Looks like I'm doing jack shit from now til Doomsday. Maybe I'll give it a go.

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I signed up yesterday. A bit late, but I already have some ideas... :) This is my first NaNoWriMo, and I'm guessing it's harder than it looks, but I'm giving it a try anyway.

(A couple of people on another site tried to write a novel in one DAY. They've got 7 hours to go still, and are at roughly 23-25k words! It makes writing 50k in a month sound a lot simpler. :p)


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If you look, you'll find there's different groups out there for writing X words in Y days. Some of the ideas are pretty crazy - like the novel in a day thing. Not impossible, but certainly rediculous. No less rediculous than a novel in a month, but it's about doing something with your writing rather than just saying "I'll get around to it."

I think I've got a rant here... so I'll leave this for now.
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You can count me in on this, sure I signed up last year. Was my first time *nods* I soared over the 50,000 words. Thought that 50,000 wasn't a 'true' novel (cause I'm stubborn like that) But this year is different. I'm working with a book I've struggled with, it's not a plot I've yanked out of thin air either. So in some ways less spontaneous. And so much I have to be careful with. Plus I have less time on the PC. So, I'm definitely dreading this year's NaMo far more than the last.

Yes, it is insane, there's no doubt about that. But being a writer is all about seeing how crazy you can get without getting shoved in a straight jacket and shoved in that padded room. In my opinion, those people writing a novel in a day, they're nutters, they need straight-jacketing! I mean, talk about asking to get DVT or RSS or something. If I ever say I'm gonna do that, you have full permission to shoot me. :grin:


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I should give it a try. I don't know if I'll get it all done, since I've got a pretty heavy homework load this semester, but who knows? It'd be nice to be able to write something without constantly going through frivilous revisions and rewritings. WIth such a tight deadline, I'll be able to silence the inner critique! I hope... :p


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silverwriter said:
Smack talk encouraged!

Nooooo, I can't walk the talk, or whatever. I can't be the only one left speaking English. Either send another English-speaker to keep me company, or give me a Smack-Dictionary.

If you do neither I shall pout, so there. :brilsmur: <-- has nothing to do with the previous comment -- I just love the Smurf's LOL


I have apparently been bullied into doing it.

*glares at Jaime and Mark*


I so did not bully you. Can you imagine a 19 year old girl bullying an Italian man?