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Writing for news wires (1 Viewer)


I see a lot of either poorly written or simply uninteresting news articles in the Associated Press, Reuters, United Press International, etc. I am absolutely confident I can give them better stuff. How do you go about getting published by these major news wire services? Thanks! :cat:


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I see a lot of either poorly written or simply uninteresting news articles
I wouldn't put it that way... Reports provided by such major newswires revolve around political issues around the globe, they pay attention most to the accuracy and neutrality [unbiase] of the news, not on the way it's written.. but to the way it's delivered.

They don't go about publishing individual reports. The news which arrive are the result of collective effort of thousands of editorial staff scattered around the world. If you are interested in seeking a career in such workplaces, make sure you read the Reuters Code of Conduct.

I assume you're already aware that there is no place for creativity in the world of transferring news-- your voice as an individual won't be heard.

If you want to regard to your writing, while working in the field of news, you should pursue a career in a newspaper-- a place where your voice is heard.


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as hakeem noted, you don't 'get published' by news services... you get hired to write for them... and as he also mentions, creative flourishes are not allowed...

but if you want to find out for yourself, you'll have to apply for a job with upi or ap or reuters... and to get one, you'll need to have a degree in journalism or some experience writing for a newspaper or wire service...