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Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldburg is a really fun book on writing. It is a little too hippie for me in spots, but her passion for the art really comes through in her book. There is a lot of stuff about the relation between her practicing Zen and writing, but it never gets too heavy. I highly recommend it. I found her love for the craft inspiring.


I looove Writing Down the Bones. I also agree that hippy is the perfect word.


Senior Member
I almost bought this book last night. My current professor reccomended it. I love that it's referred to as 'hippy'....lol the college I go to was founded by hippies and my prof is hippy-ish and lol ah..just all works together. But yeah....I'm still going to get this book, sounds like a winner.

Ilan Bouchard

Huh. I just realized I have this book on my bookshelf.

I've never read it before, but maybe now I should, eh?