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Writing Anomalies That Have You Puzzled (1 Viewer)

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This is something that came to me yesterday and sent a frisson up my spine:

Recently, I changed my 'writing' name to Kent Jacobs. The reason I did that is because my second novel (unfinished) had a character in it called Jacobs. It was through Jacobs I discovered the joy of writing the narrative through his lens. I'd struggled up to that point in the novel but as soon as I introduced him as a character, my writing changed slightly. He was cynical and dark. For some reason, I automatically adopted that style and the words flowed. He is what set me on the quest to write from the character's perspective, even in 3rd person perspective, including the words and phrases used.

I've just discovered a slightly different variant of Jacobs, called Josephine. Her voice is cynical, dark but lyrical with a little whimsy thrown in. I'm going to bookmark her for other stories, just as I have Jacobs.

This set me to thinking: Should I change my name to Josephine Jacobs? That doesn't seem anomalous ... but there's more.

I remember writing my very first story. I remember exactly where I was when I thought of the main character's name. I was 3/4 across a bridge. I could just make out the steps leading down. The name of that character, for the very first novel I was going to write was:

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