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Writers needed for Script-based Series (1 Viewer)



I've been working on a series called Starseer: Hyperion for about a year now, with the intent of filming it... And then I joined the Army :D . So anyway, my goal has been changed to creating a script-based series similar to the Stargate: Horizon series. I've managed to write about 1/4 of the pilot episode so far, but considering the amount of time it has taken to write what I have so far, I'll need some help.

Anyway, here's a synopsis of the (full) pilot episode:
After the discovery of highly advanced technologies in the desert, a group of six of the world's richest men (and women, of course) decide to construct a huge starship, the Hyperion, to explore (and exploit the resources of) the surrounding star-systems. The U.S. military signs a deal with the group, known as "The Association", places personnel in command of the vessel, along with weapons, fighters, and a small contingion of military personnel. The ship launches as planned, but the only way the ship is capable of jumping to other systems is to manipulate the gravitational forces of the sun. (The ship must fly straight at the sun to do this)

They arrive in a system where, to the crew's surprise, they encounter a clan of humans living on a planet. They quickly learn that humans are not only alone in the universe, but there are also other clans of us living throughout the galaxy.

The crew discovers that humans are the remnants of a powerful inter-galactic empire that collapsed fifteen thousand years ago, and that we once wielded cosmic powers. They also learn humanity's ancient secret -- that our former empire was destroyed by a conquering enemy known only as "The Scourge." Our distant ancestors signed an armistice treaty with The Scourge giving them full control of the galaxy, enslavement of the galactic core, leaving only the outer-rim planets and remote pockets of humanity free.

In return, the remnants of humankind were prohibited from interstellar travel -- a treaty inadvertently broken by Hyperion and her crew.

About this time, the still-active (and very hard to kill) Scourge shows up, attacks Hyperion and the colony she is visiting. Hyperion escapes, but her Commander and three of her core crew are captured.

Hyperion, having survived in the system's asteroid field, is quickly repaired, and the crew sets out on a daring rescue mission aboard one of the Scourge's carrier vessels.

The Hyperion crew is retrieved, the carrier badly damaged, and Hyperion continues her mission, with the added burden of defending Earth.
The Scourge, however, initiates a contingency plan, and begins a mobilization of their forces, beginning what they call "The Great Purge," a plan to eradicate all human life from the galaxy.

And off this, the episode ends and Hyperion's adventure begins.
Here's the script so far: Starseer: Hyperion EP 101 -- GATEWAY
I apologize in advance for the formatting errors -- they occurred when I uploaded the file.

Anyway, here's some specs on the Scourge, and why they're so hard to kill:

AVG Height: 7'11"
AVG Weight: 180 lbs
High strength
Advanced Reflexes
Advanced Neural Development
Advanced Healing Capabilities
Borderline Telekinetic Ablilities
Thicker Blood
De-centralized Circulatory System
Denser Cellular Structure
Flux-line manipulation (think low-powered Magneto)
CO2 Recycling
Higher Lung Capacity
Bio-Regenerative Armor
Energy Weapons
Advanced Technologies
So that's what I have so far. Let me know what you think, and let me know if you're interested in helping out!
Cheers, Nick


Senior Member
sorry to burst your bubble, nick, but virtually all new series are generated in-house... only exceptions are by writers with impressive track records and well-connected agents who can get their proposal to network big-wigs...

you'll have a better chance if you just write this 'pilot' as a stand-alone movie that offers a viable series spin-off option... that is, after all, how 'stargate' got started...