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WriteAgra for writer's block (1 Viewer)


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WriteAgra why let writers block stand in the way.

You have reached an age where you know how to make things happen.

The age where you don’t back down.

So why let writers block slow you down. Talk to your editor about WriteAgra 2 million writers already have.

Ask your editor if you are healthy enough, for a prolonged writing session

Do not take WriteAgra if you suffer from poor spelling or sentence structure.
Side effects include sore eyes, carpel tunnel, stiff fingers and neck.

To avoid any longer term side effects contact your editor if you experience any of these symptoms for more than 4 hours.

This is the age of taking action WriteAgra for for the writer who cannot perform.

Product works by increasing blood flow to the head. And we don’t mean that head.
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Very nice. I would like some WriteAgra only I do suffer from bad spelling. Damn. Very nice!


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I seem to be having a hard time finding the order form for this product. I'm a healthy male having issues with... writing performance. I'm embarrassed but I'll admit it!
If there's a phone number where I could receive more information that would be good to have.

Dr. Garp

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Lol, the cover story of time magazine this week is on the Testosterone industry. Did you see this? Some confused and scared looking 60 some year old man standing shirtless on the cover. Anyway, I haven't read the article but I assume the industry is making bukoos of $$.

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