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Nanowrimo writein/kickoff

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WF Veterans
Has anyone done a write-in for nanowrimo? I never have, but my local group is having regular meetings about four blocks away. I'm definitely considering trying it. How bad can it be?
Anyway, that got me thinking about a virtual write-in or kickoff for our group. We could work out a way to do that if folks want to.
Or not.
There's a poll at the top of this page. It's anonymous. Vote early and often-the poll closes at 11:30 ish PST on Hallowe'en.
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Kyle R

WF Veterans
What is a write-in? Is that when local members meet together and.. write?

I've seen the invites for my region. I don't plan on attending mine, because I am already busy on the dates that were mentioned. But, I'm sure it would be interesting to meet other Nano'ers. Writers are always interesting people.

What would a virtual write-in entail?


WF Veterans
Yes. It is my understanding that write-ins consist of writing and drinking coffee. Essentially what I would be doing anyway, and I need to get out more.
Virtual write-ins are done by using chat facilities generally.


I voted yes, but I have this hilarious mental image of a silent chatroom as we sit drinking our respective coffees and plugging away on our word processors. Maybe the occasional "Gah!!!" shows up in the chat, but I don't imagine it'll be a lively discussion. Also, quick question--how would we do that with the time difference? I mean, a write-in could work, but a kick-off... not so much. I'll start writing a couple hours before you will. Either way, could be fun. I'm game, so long as I'm not at work when we do this.

Also, I've never been to one of the write-ins, because that would mean driving to Pittsburgh, and I'm not real keen on driving an hour, paying $10 or more for parking, and more than likely getting lost in the process at least once.


WF Veterans
Yeah, the kickoff thing would be kinda weird to work with-the whole concept is a little odd, but I thought I'd throw it on out there and see what happened. We could do a write-in right here on the board if we wanted to, just check in periodically, instead of using chat. I've been mulling the possibly-crazy idea of posting what I do each day on my blog too. I dunno-I'm also considering doing the thing in longhand, but I'm afraid of getting too inspired and losing the use of my hands for a bit, like I used to do when I was in my teens when I'd sit down and write 50k at a pop.
Pretty unlikely I'll start at midnight anyway. I may start the next day-nano for me is a reduction of daily wordcount, more a focusing tool than anything else. A chance to do less, a busman's holiday.
*grinning* I hear you about the drive-that's why I never made a write-in before-they were always too far away. But I have portable oxygen tanks and a bus pass, so this year is doable.