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Would I be crazy to start now? (1 Viewer)


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I got my 2003 NaNo done in 12 days and someone here got theirs done in three! I know mine was readable but don't know about the other writers. :)


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Do it!
No harm in trying.

At least no harm in trying if you're willing to lose some sleep and potentially crack up in the process...

But, seriously, I think it's worth it.


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50,000 words over 30 days is 1,700 words per day, roughly.

So if you start now you are technically, according to my time zone, 13,600 words behind. So it depends how long it will take you to catch up. If you feel that over Saturday and Sunday you can do 15,000 words then you won't be far behind.

Go for it. It's not like you're going to get imprisoned for failing, is it?


I just learned about it yesterday, so I'm starting today. The way I figure, if I write AT LEAST 2100 words a day, I'll be done in time. Currently, I'm at 1073 words, or something, and I'm writing in a genre I've never written before! So go after it!


Hi--I started on Day 3 and have over 10,000 wds. It's an even tighter schedule but a bigger incentive. If you can finish this--you can do anything! Go for it. Faergen


If you started today, you would be able to write 2500 words per day for twenty days. That would put you finishing on the 28th. That would be two days to spare. Go for it! :D

Ilan Bouchard

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I just decided to start today, since my work load has lessend to the point where I think I can make it. But without direction who knows. 3k is a bit tough to get one day for me because I write really slow.


Even if you don't finish in time, at least you have a nice little story that you can continue working on later. :D Good practice for next year.

Kyle Bagley

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Yep, I definately did not make it this year. I only have about 10,000 words, not willing to spend my Thanksgiving Break pumping out 40,000 more. I'll need some planning ahead for next year.