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Worldbuilding and novel series layout (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I'm having problems in Worldbuilding of Hard Fantasy series of the English Civil War, and novel series layout.

My first problem is the writing style should I do First person view or Third, with the First person view each chapter is too much like A Song of Ice and Fire series, I want to weave many character views in each novel in the series of War of 4 Kingdoms.

As for Worldbuilding I need names for the Nations for Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, I know Wales is not considered a full Kingdom but a land of tiny kingdoms.


Ralph Rotten

Staff member
How I want to tell the story determines what perspective I write from.
Some stories are told naturally by 3rd person...and others work better from 1st person.
It is hard to explain how I decide one way over the other, but I usually arrive at that decision at the same time that I determine what voice to use.
Some stories work better with a snarky first person narration...but then they are limited to only things the narrator would know.
Others benefit from the dispassionate revelations that you get from 3rd person narration.

Then in some rare cases, I use 3rd person narration, subsidized with first person logs or diaries. It is a way to cheat and use both styles to tell different aspects of the story (personal journals and/or narration helps to better illustrate your character.)

Learning how to determine perspective and voice is just one of those things that you learn during those first 200,000 words of practice.
It is for this reason that I suggest people write at least 200k before they try to publish.
Any less than that and you are still learning the ropes.
There is more to writing than basic literacy.


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I could do like Harry Turtledove and give each character a paragraph in each chapter of the book,

Second problem is landmass of the Four Kingdoms that make up this setting, if I use a real earth landmasses like North and South America. People would again state that I'm ripping off A song of Ice and Fire.



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lwhitehead I think you should just try and do what you think is interesting and not worry about whether or not people think it's a rip-off. If you want to do an expansive epic with multiple POVs, third-person is probably easier.