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We are lucky as living observers of 21st century.This century is a century of transformation.And in this period of transition we all are enjoying strong communication as well as sharing of ideas.i don't feel myself a writer.As writers were special people who wrote words with pen.But now its the era of typing.I can call myself creative typewriter if I want to over-emphasize myself.I have a message as new member to please believe in two things.1) Sharing 2) Caring.I hope I shall learn much more at this forum in company of great people like all of you.


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You are so right about the transformation. Particularly in the writing and publishing industry. With modern tools such as the word-processor and self-publishing, authors' voices are louder than ever.

Welcome to the forum, and enjoy. We are happy to have you.


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Glad to have you here with us.
Advances happen as our species advances socially and technically. Once, paintings on cave wall were used to tell stories, then wood and stone carvings, and writing developed as our minds expanded. Technology developed, giving us pens, typewriters, and word processors. But IMO writing is more about the story than the tools used to create it.
Your post is thought provoking, and I look forward to hearing more from you.