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World building project, need help creating magic incantations (1 Viewer)


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Hey all

i'm currently working on a world building project in a "dungeon punk" setting of my own creation. one wall i've met though is a fundamental one in the universe, which is what the magicians say when using magic.

i've grounded the idea that magic requires energy, the desire for the effect and invoking the name of a "prime", or one of the fundamental beings in the universe. basicallly there is one for fire, one for death etc... but the exact effect is determined by the magicians will.

however, i'm stumped for what they actually say/what to call these primes. not just individually, but as a thematic tone. i'd rather not go faux latin, not would i like to take/mutilate the names of existing deities in the world (its a whole thing, most deities also exist in this setting), so i am a little lost.

would anyone have any suggestions at tackling this problem? you'd have the eternal gratitude of a stranger across the internet...


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What I always do is go to a thesaurus and look up whatever word I need (like 'fire') and travel down the related words until I get to something that is barely related (I got 'void') and then translate that word into another language, usually Swedish.

Void in Swedish is Ogiltig.

Then I re-arrange those letters myself or use an anagram maker for inspiration.

Ogiltig = Goltiig = Goltig = Golt.

Fire = Golt.

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