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Work in progress, a commission for Sonata :) (1 Viewer)


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Abi sent me that this morning and I could almost see my girl by my feet looking out of the doorway. Yes I could have gotten the photograph enlarged and printed but it would not have captured her soul, as Abi has done. Abi is going to do her epilepsy tag in colour - because my girl was epi and that made her special.

Thank you Abi, and thank you for posting it as my girl is now a part of WF.


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Really beautiful work, Abby, the work on the fir especially is impressive. I can see tiny differences between the two in the fir but they are very close. The eyes have it though, i always used to put some focus on the eyes too.


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:hypnotysed::congratulatory: Abby...Sonata posted a picture of Epi in another thread...I would recognize that face anywhere... especially her soft expression. You captured her soul in her eyes... I know Sonata will treasure this... You are so friggin talented... I would be jealous if I were not so god smacked by the things you accomplish with a pencil....wellllll... AND your amazin gift...


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Abi worked her head off with this picture of my beloved Pereg. From just a photograph to this


My Pereg. My heart dog. My epi girl.

As she was, most of the day, looking outside the doorway watching the world going past.

Abi - I will forever be grateful to you for giving my girl back to me. And you have, because your drawing means so much more than the original photograph did.

And she will forever be wearing her tag, because that was what my girl was.

My Pereg.

Epi was her name.

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