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bazz cargo

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There are days when I can only hammer sentences together. There are days when I craft them. Every now and then I surprise myself with something special.

When it is an uphill struggle to think. When the squirrel of inattention flutters its tail at me. I have a 'go to place.' Terry Pratchett. Oh how I miss him.

To some he is merely a fantasy writer. Yet to me he has a eye and a mind that sees the world for what it is. His work reflects the levels of everyday nonsense we all exist in without ever thinking about it. Or even realising it. I don't claim him to be a genius. I know he is vastly underrated.

I tip my hat and raise a toast. To Terry, writing up a storm wherever you are.

So, who else should I check out and why?


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Roger Zelazny. I don't like all of Zelazny, but wordsmith? Yes. I DO like The Chronicles of Amber. It's brilliant.

I probably have all of Pratchett waiting around, but I've never gotten to him. I will on your recommendation. :)

In a sort of parallel universe way, I used to do something similar in chess. I was a tournament player for years, playing at expert (rated) strength by the time I stopped playing in tournaments. Before a tournament, I'd play through a few dozen games of grandmasters with my favorite styles. It helped my performance (along with other study).


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Try Carmack Mccarthy, particularly 'The Road'. Some of his other stuff is poetic to the point of irritating but no one can argue is wordsmithing.

This is just too much in my opinion:


Oh ... and I HATE Hemmingway. And ... and ... and ... and ... he ... he ... he ... and ... and ... and ... was ... was ... was ... was ... and ... and. Shut the hell up.
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I love George Saunders. His work is brilliant, often more brilliant than I can really comprehend the first time I read one of his stories (short or otherwise).

I don't know if it's wordsmithery, but I have also loved everything I've ever read from Gabriel Garcia Marquez. "Cien Anos de Soledad" is a masterpiece and might be my favorite book of all time.
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