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The Backward OX

WF Veterans
When I was much younger, I would go into paroxysms of laughter over the word 'elephant,' as it looked such a stupid word.

It still looks stupid, but I've learned to control the laughing.


WF Veterans
That 'syzygy' looks like half a word from here. Didn't you forget the 'ium'?

Syzygy is a real word, unlike philangee, which I can't find anywhere. Szyygy is an astronomy term having to do with conjunctions of celestial bodies, either opposed or in a straight line, and is especially favored for use when three celestial bodies form a line.
Philangee appears to be jabberwocky. Can someone favor us with a definition?


WF Veterans
I was kidding about the word philangee. It was something made up that Pheobe said a lot on the t.v show Friends. Sorry for the confusion.

Like a Fox

WF Veterans
It's not made up. It's Phalange. It's a bone-joint thingy in fingers and toes.

I'm beginning to look like I have a finger fetish.

I also think Fingerling in The Number 23 was an awesome character name.

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