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Wordplay - making new words (1 Viewer)

Phil Istine

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I wouldn't be surprised if someone has started such a thread already, but how about sharing new words and possible definitions that could be a logical extension of existing words - the more humorous the better.

I'll throw a couple of examples in from my own head to give the idea:

psychophant - someone who grovels to their therapist

humanitarian - someone who eats humans (on the basis that a vegetarian eats vegetables).

That's the sort of thing I'd like people to aim for, but don't worry if you can't match my brilliance :)


WF Veterans
Allocate - How to greet the Duchess of Cambridge.

Bratwurst - The naughtiest of your children.

Farthing - Something a long way off.


pillosophical - when someone thinks way to deeply about nonsense when they really should just go to bed.


WF Veterans
Acne - A walking stick for dyslexics.

Airbase - An air guitar with only 4 strings.

Amish - A bit like an arm.

Feckless - An Irishman who couldn't get his legover.

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