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Woot! 50k manuscript and letter finished, querying agent. Advice? (1 Viewer)


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Cupcakes for everyone, I've finished my first book! Already found the vanity subsidiary publishers and decided they're a waste of time. What can I expect with my hunt for a proper agent? Should I shotgun letters? Will they be able to get my book on the shelves at a bookstore?


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Hey, a two for one. You might start my reading the answer I just gave here:
age discrimination and getting published

Yes the poster was worried about age, but the answer I gave is in good part applicable to your question. If you do send multiple concurrent queries, a form letter is a sure turn off, but in personalized queries letting them know you are doing so is professional courtesy.


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Pay particular attention to the format the agent requests your manuscript to be submitted, and make sure your synopsis and covering letter are as error free as your excerpt. - A good source of agents looking for fresh blood is to follow @litrejections on Twitter. - Their website also has a wealth of information.

You may wish to consider posting a short excerpt on here (a couple of thousand words) so a few of the more technically proficient can offer you a little assurance that it is grammatically flawless.

IF you don't get any joy from agents, don't despair, but perhaps revisit your novel with the help of a few additional beta readers. (I assume you've had a number cast their eye over it already.)

Be tenacious, and I wish you well. - Post here any progress you make. - It's always a pleasure to hear of another WF member's success or, should the worst happen, help in increasing their future chances of securing representation.

Riis Marshall

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Hello Bak

Well done!

Ditto everything that's been said here. PM me for my address where you can send my cupcake.

It may take a while. Hang in there. Agent hunting can be frustrating.

Never surrender!

All the best with this book and your next.

Warmest regards