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Woods and Woods (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Stay your steady heart
upon boughs of windless rustling;
Trembling in the quiet brush
of early morning nothing.

Still, wide-green and whole:
The violence of a birdsong wandering;
Echoes through the endless leaves
of a hundred tender nothing.

Stay your steady heart
Of nest and web and bunker holes;
Hollowed out forgotten branches
In a cloud of dust and nothing.

Still, wide-green and whole:
The absence of a city dreaming;
Their thoughts still linger here
in bursts of never nothing.


WF Veterans
like the use of words at the beginning and end of lines and stanzas..all repetative but give it an air of alot of thought went into it


Senior Member
I like the way that the first lines of stanzas one and three are the same, as are the first lines of stanzas two and four. Also that the final word in all stanzas are the same.

I like the whole poem - it is so descriptive that I can imagine actually being in such a place.

The last stanza is my favourite.