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Women: Would Don Juan be a character you would love or love to hate? (1 Viewer)

Hi Everyone,

I just joined and this is my first post, so please go easy on me! I have written a novel that I think would be primarily enjoyed by women, but men are certainly welcome to chime in if they want.

The subject is the legend of Don Juan, an old Spanish story originating from around the late 16th/early 17th century.

I am a former opera singer =and the first role I ever sang was in a role in Mozart's Don Giovanni (Italian for Don Juan). Through the years I have been throughly fascinated and inspired by not only my experience, the music and the libretto but the overall legend. I have tried to be as true to the original spirit of the story as possible, setting it in 16th century Spain and using the characters from the opera but it deviates from the libretto quite a bit.

Basically, I am sending some test balloons out. Without outlining the entire plot, suffice to say that I have tried to create a character in Don Juan that is truly irresistible in terms of sexual magnetism and charisma but at the same time makes no excuses for his callous abandonment of his conquests. Similar to the opera but I go much more psychologically in depth.

Spoiler alert- For those who know the legend, Don Juan does not get dragged to Hell by a statue. His fate is much more realistic. I have humanized him and developed his character more than I believe anyone else ever has. That said, the cruelty is there. I am hoping that readers will be drawn to him but also repelled. It's "complicated".

So ladies, would such a character be of interest to you? It’s not a politically correct plot. I do worry about the “me too” culture that we live in. It’s not that I disagree with “me too”; it’s just that I don’t know if such an ambiguous character will appeal to women in the current climate. I hope this isn’t too vague for anyone to comment.

I so appreciate anyone's insight and thank you!


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Absolutely despise him. Frankly, getting dragged to Hell by a statue is too good for him. The worst thing a man can do is a use a woman and leave her. This has nothing to do with "me too", it's just plain evil.

Kill him brutally, please.


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First off, I love opera! As a fashion designer in my younger years, I did a brief stint as an opera costume designer.

And as a fashion designer, I had contact with the Don Juan type characters in real life, including Peter Nygard, the Canadian version of Harvey Weinstein. These creeps are far worse than anyone can imagine. However, I think it is a very relevant topic today -- so good choice. Having grown up in the sexual revolution, I have been relieved with the recent non-acceptance, or "me too" movement. It needed to happen. I would be disappointed to read anything that went back the other way. Unfortunately, these characters will still exist, so reading about motivation could be interesting, but he would need to be punished in some way.

Sounds like a really ambitious project...I applaud you for that!