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Women’s Pants With Holes (1 Viewer)


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[FONT=&quot]Women’s Pants With Holes (new rhyme) by Liu Congjia

translater: Xiaoman/刘亚木

These casual jeans are in a strange style,
Modern but rare since the ancient times.
A big hole on the leg for no reason,
Just to show the nice skin with intention.
Classic and odd are hard to be a consistency,
Either cabbage or radish is a good alternative.
No need to sniff at petite bourgeoisies,
[FONT=&quot]and having the old stereotypes is not necessary.

It is a rhymed poem written in Chinese By Liu Congjia who was born on January 25, 1971.
He is the director and editor of Xupu County Poetry. Nine poems that written by him were shortlisted for Confucius Literature Award. In July 2016 he won the second prize of Baique Academy Poetry Competition.
With the permission by the poet I translated and posted here. I can’t find the forum for translations please let me know if this is not for translations thank you!


Darren White

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You are welcome to post it here. The translation forum has merged with the Poetry and Lyrics Workshop, we had too few translators to keep it running (unfortunately), but the Showcase is a good place too.


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Thanks Darren, I really appreciate it ! I will have more coming with the introduction of poets.


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Two Chinese Ancient Style Poems by Meng Chongzhi
(The First One)

Together with Zhang Liang, Jian Hua,Hua Yu toured around the WestHuang Mount in Ma Yang,

Old friends are separated seas away,

When meet again our hair has turned grey.

It isn’t easy to travel to FiveYue together,

So to the WestHuang Mount ,we the climbers.

Rice in Wen Chuang starts to get yellow,

The end of it are green hills high and low.

The vivid green lasts for tens of miles,

So lofty, it overwhelmed Xiang and Qian,two provinces

Upwards driving, we must lift head,

And we are afraid of looking back.

Slowing down in the middle of slope,

We enjoy flowers and leaves lushly grow.

Twists and turns, we drive into a valley,

And take a break on a level ground leisurely.

The old cottage stand in the forest farm,

The shades of ancient trees hold cliff rocks in their arms.

There is no summer heat in July,

In the trees Cicadas’ singing is high,

In distance the highest peak afar

Is unreachably blue dark.

At the valleys deep you look down,

Only bamboo shades can be found.

How to get such a nice place and be a neighbor

So far away from the present world?

As my old friends give praise and sigh,

The host calls that it’s dinner time.

The host has rice wine for guests of honor,

Goose meat is cooked with bamboo spring water.

Alas! The happy hours are short,

The cup contains full of joyous.

We shake hands with our new friend,

We know how difficult it is to come again.

(Translated by Xiaoman/ 刘亚木

Introduction of Meng Chongzhi孟冲之: Formerly known as Chen Liping. Originally from Yueyang, Hunan, currently lives in Canada. Born in 1970, graduated from the Chinese Department of Xiangtan University in 1991. He published an exploratory monograph "Black Wolf Notes" in 1999, and that filled the gap in the localization of psychoanalysis in China. In 2001, he and Ouyang Jianhua, Xiaohai and others founded the "Return to Poetry Journal", which proposed to return to soul, return to nature, return to tradition, and other poetic ideas. Published Reconstruction of Poetry by Du Fu in 2012 and published Jade Creek Jigsaw in 2014.