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Witness Silque. (1 Viewer)



Hello everyone,

Good to be here.

I stumbled across this forum whilst browsing the Internet for nothing in particular.

I am a keen writer but my words often come out a little nonsensical at times (Lewis Carroll being a favourite of mine, can you blame me?) so do bear with me if I go off on a gigantic tangent.

I'm not fully up to scratch with English language with regards to knowledge - I know a fair bit, ie alliteration, onomatopoiea, juxtaposition etc but I'm always trying to learn more, so any advice in that area would be great.

I look forward to conversing with you all.




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Silque, like the name. There are a lot of people here not fully up to scratch on the English language including us Americans so you will fit right in. Welcome.


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Welcome to the forum, Silque. English is not my native tongue either, but rest assured: you can learn it well!