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Winter (1 Viewer)


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While the first two lines complement each other very nicely, I am a bit unsure of the third one. It's as if something is missing. I myself have little experience with haikus, so I can't give much feedback. Perhaps hinting the immobility you want to point out into a word that represents winter? Something like "frozen," or "frigid" may work.

Nevertheless, a wonderful picture you have depicted here, as always.

Mike in the West

Senior Member
Thanks for commenting. I wrote this piece a few weeks ago at a time when the UK almost ground to a halt because of heavy deep snow settling on already frozen roads and other surfaces. Airports here were shut down, motorists were stranded, many people couldn't even leave their homes.

So in that context it was true to say the 'nothing now can move', as in the third line of the poem. The top deep surface snow was not frigid nor frozen hard, but still caused the almost nation-wide shut down.