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Winner's Thread of the October 2021 Poetry Challenge (1 Viewer)


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Winners Podium of the October 2021 Poetry Challenge

Welcome one and all to another Winners circle. Another lovely turnout I just wish there were more outside votes. Let’s hope that there will be more robust voting in the coming challenges. Enough of this small talk let’s get on with the topic at hand.

I want to thank Phil Listine for his prompt “space (s) an interesting brain-ticker.

All the poets did a good job at adding an interesting perspective on the prompt. It brought out a lot of philosophical and fantastical ideas. Let’s lend a hand to all the poets who participated. All the poems were outstanding in their own right but three stood out as stellar space oddities. The winner of this event, James Hercules Sutton, an accomplished poet with a herculean grasp of Philosophy made one outstanding poem. His poem “Light and Life” was truly an outstanding combination of space the universe and Man. We also have two second place winners. Apple’s Fleur de sul was mini epic of mythical proportions while Darkkins, Quasars and Turtle, is a delightful fantastical mythology, a wonderful addition to turtle’s odyssey.

James will receive the ‘Laureate’ and will pick the prompt for the November 2021 Challenge. Please message me that a.s.a.p. with your prompt idea. I’m sure it will be illuminating.

I thank you all for submitting your work, each and every one was a spatial delight—see you all in November…
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Dr J, Mr Jim,

congratulations, what can i say, excellent poem, thoroughly deserved, really good poems all round, well done to Apple and Darkkin too. But Mr Jim was very good indeed, with a bit of work you could go far, all the best mate PG :)


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Stand-out poem from James. Got my vote and my admiration. Well done!

Congrats to Apple and Darkkin too and to all the participants. This comp just gets better and better.