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Will Anyone Recommend "The Singer"? (1 Viewer)



Hey Everyone,

I have heard about 'The Singer' by Calvin Miller
and some trilogy of the same author to which this book belongs.

Has anyone read it/them?

Could you give us a running comment on the book/s and/or author?




I will in due time
but first the original question on this thread which has yet to be answered.
If there is any recommendation on said title, that would be much appreciated :_)

Hand said:
Go to a library.


Senior Member
I read the singer a long, long time ago in a galaxy, uh, I mean, California far far away. I think I liked it then, but as I've read more "good" literature I doubt I'd like it now.

Books I read "then" and liked but don't like anymore:

anything by Tom Clancy
anything by Larry Niven
The Lord of the Rings
most sci-fi, except books 1 and 3 of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy
all the Conan books
"This Present Darkness" et al

Being a lit major (for a time) wrecked me for pop reading, but I'd never go back.