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Why I Don’t NaNoWriMo No Mo (1 Viewer)


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I figured I'd jump into this thread to see why people aren't doing NaNoWriMo... I've chosen to participate for the first time this year, and it seems extremely daunting. I'm in my first semester of college, so finding time is going to be the biggest issue for me I think. I'm doing it to prove to myself that I can, in all honestly. I don't expect to do anything with whatever I write except print it up, get it bound, and save it for the memories. Is that bad? Probably. Do I care? Not one bit.


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I did it last year and it totally changed my perspective on what was possible and how. The feeling of finishing the 50,000 was fantastic but I was also just as happy each day when I hit the 1700. It clarified for me that regardless of what was going on in my everyday life, I could make time to write if I wanted to. In other words, it is a really good way of providing irrefutable evidence to yourself of what you can do if you are determined to. I certainly needed that at that point. It is also just fun and quite liberating :)


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I do 3k+ words a day when not editing. I guess signing up for such a thing would be a good idea for moral support or advice for novice writers, but beyond that I don't really see a point. I type anywhere from 1k to 1.5k on days when I edit, so even then I'm nearly at the 50k mark. To me its just meh. That and the acronyms...


I just do my own personal NaNoWriMo; the idea of having to do a stream of thought on a particular month does not set well for me.

Instead, I just set a time period to write out an idea of about 20K words, and then I edit it out a bunch. When that's over with, I check on it later and see if I still like the idea and continue on with it.

My story "Tenebrous Yellow" is actually being formed this way. It's on rewrite 3 and and I'm now just passed the 20K marker after all the rewrites: phase 2 of whatever number phases to go!


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It helps if you have an idea for a novel and know where you want to go with it. Most participants do their research, character profiles, and outline before November 1st. They just do the writing to get everything in prospective so after Nov. 30 they can edit and rewrite.

When I did my first NaNo in 2008 I had a story that was almost complete in my head. I just had to get it down on paper (or computer). I finished that year while working 6 days a week because I really wanted to write that story. It still is not finished, but I drag it out every once in a while and retune a few things. Left on my own it wouldn't have been done.


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I finished it one year and have a 70,000-high pile of words I can't use.

But maybe there is something to this. I was knocking out 10k words a day which at least I can now say I'm capable of. With a different story it may have gone a lot better.

I usually type 500 words per page, 1.5 spaced. Furthermore, I have been able to type a decent 500 words from a pre-thought out plot - with a small amount of editing for spelling and grammar - in about 1 hour. It is allowed to pre-write notes in NaNo which may mean it will be possible with my schedule this year. Problem is it would probably be priority 3 of very time consuming priorities.