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*** Why I Am An Atheist? *** (1 Viewer)


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Think of it as doing a project for school. The best-case scenario would be an A, the worst an F. The teacher gives you a set of guidelines that state exactly what must be done to get an A. If you follow these, you get an A. If not, you get an F.

Actually, relegion is more like getting a project, but the teacher isn't there so you just have to ask the other students (you were absent or something so you didn't hear the teacher assign the project). The other students then give you conflicting notes on what you're supposed to do for the project, and you then have to decide which one is right.

The odds aren't with me correctly picking the right one, so I think I'd just wait until the teacher gets back so I can ask him myself.

Anyway, this is the non-fiction forum, not the debate forum. I think we need to cool it down a little and focus less on arguing for or against atheism and go more towards trying to discuss the original piece as a peice of non-fiction.
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Well said, Bobthegoat!

Firstly, I know al lot of posting has happened here since i last visited this thread, but Tanmay, I didn't at all aim to make you feel as if you were inadepuite for this forum. I respect you a great deal as a writer, and I also respect your beliefs.
I myself am a Christian, and found a couple of the comments made rather offensive; but I'm sure people of the two opposed religions, or ways of life here, found different aspects of this thread unacceptable. So, as Bobthegoat so rightly said - we should be discussing Tanmays expressive non-fiction piece here, rather than antagonising each other with a string of insults. Each to their own.

Kind Regards to all,
I just want to say that the government uses most of our tax dollars for useless things. The government should deal with the poor since we give them our earned money and only get a portion of it to buy our own foods. Plus look around you, so many Americans are obese, if so many can be obese, that means there's too much food around and most people are just too greedy to give up that money. why don't you issue a tax to give to the needy if you care so much about the poor?

Where do you have a right to say that God is lower than a pig. We all have different views on different topics. But there's a fine line between opinion and hatred/disgust for something. I have an atheist friend and she doesn't say anything mean to me when I say I have to go to church and all that, unlike you she's thoughtful. When she first told me she was an atheist, I asked her questions about her background to learn more about her decision to be an atheist, I didn't say, "Atheists are heathens they're going to hell. You're going to hell."
If God is not real, there's no need for name-calling, just dismiss it, like you do the poor.


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tanmay said:
Oh God! Help Me!
Thank God!
God is great!

Have you ever wondered how many times we use phrases like these in our daily lives? It certainly would be next to impossible to keep an account of that! ITS ACTUALLY A SIN TO SAY THOSE ABOVE PHRASES ITS CALLED SAYING THE LORD'S NAME IN VAIN

But have you ever given it a thought that whether you really mean those words or you are saying them just for the sake of saying? Well, to be honest I don’t say these words but sometimes if I go bananas (which happens very rarely) and these phrases somehow manage to creep out of my mouth, I can assure you I don’t mean a single letter of it! Because I don’t like to give the credit of a deed to a person who hasn’t done it!

When we are in trouble we say Oh God! Help Me! Do you think god is really going to come on earth and give you a helping hand in whatever you want? GOD GAVE YOU FREEDOM OF CHOICE YOU GOT YOURSELF IN TROUBLE Will he come and do the homework of a weak student? ONCE AGAIN FREE WILL THE STUDENT CAN SPEND MORE TIME ON SCHOOLWORK Will he come and make a poor man rich overnight? YOU BASICALLY JUST SAID MONEY IS EVERYTHING, POOR MEN CAN EARN MONEY THEMSELVES. The simple answer is a big No! The only person who can honestly and full heartedly help you in this whole world can be seen if you stand in front of a mirror! Then, why you need to beg for help to someone who doesn’t even has the proof of its existence? YOU ARENT SUPPOSED TO PRAY TO GOD LIKE "OH PLEASE GIVE E $1MILLION" THATS SINNING. This isn’t really a cool idea in my mind!

When we succeed in something or when we are relieved of a trouble we say Thank God! Huh! Give me a break! We have entered in the 21st century and we people still don’t feel shy in appreciating someone for nothing! HE KINDA CREATED TEH WORLD If someone really deserves to be appreciated it's you, my dear friend, who has put the work into action and achieved success! Give a pat on your back for your efforts and don’t waste your feelings for someone as dumb as a stone! WHERE'S YOUR SOURCE SAYING GOD IS DUMB?

God is great! One thing that I’ll have to admit is that I would award this phrase as The Joke Of The Millennium! For me even a pig is greater than god, it at least does its duty of feeding its babies! What has this so called Great God done other than exploiting the money, time and emotions of the mob! YOU HAVE NO BASIS FOR ANY OF THIS SO FAR

Believing in god is just like taking an insurance policy! The human nature is such that it needs assurance and the comfort of something to fall back on, at each and every step of his life! And the creation of this God is not for any other purpose!

It’s high time now that we understand the fact that we should not believe in anything that hasn’t been scientifically proved and which doesn’t has an appropriate evidence to support it! And God is in the top most position of this list!

Rather than wasting our money and time at temples, mosques and churches; it would be hundred times better if we use that money to satisfy the hunger of a poor man who isn’t capable of buying himself food! To educate a poor child who isn’t fortunate enough to go to a school! To make this world a better place to live in!

If the world calls people of these wishful thinking atheists, then so be it!
I am an atheist!

I put my thoughts in aps so u could see not like im yelling.
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Tanmay you have no basis for any of your thoughts and you've insulted probably almost half the world's population if you count all christians and jewish people.


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Well this article was my first post here and I think for a first post it has recieved an overwhelming number of comments. Thanks a lot everyone!

And as I said I accept there are many loopholes in it, would try to keep my essays more "logical" in the future.

I was just expressing my views freely, didn't wish to insult anyone. If anyone feels insulted then I'm sorry.



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that's a very gracious ending to a thread that sadly descended into something resembling a cat fight, more than a literary discussion, due to some people's unwillingness to accept the right of others to hold opinions counter to their own...

although i found some of your essay a bit flawed in both argument and literary quality, you nevertheless made a more or less sound argument for atheisim, imo... i hope those who disagree with us will be as gracious, and allow the thread to 'retire' now, having served its pupose [and then some]...

love and hugs, maia


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Elvenswordsman said:
Hodge seems a lil too into science to believe anything else.

You must be too—you're using a computer, one of the many fruits of science. Considering the scientific method is the only real way to prove and verify the validity of a position, I'd say it's pretty damn valuable. People who speak out against science are those who are woefully misinformed about the whole subject.