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Why Do You Write? (1 Viewer)

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I call myself a writer because I write novels, diary entries, essays, and letters. I wrote my novels to explore my own life, to understand people and life and why. I never considered publishing the novels. I saw no market for my essays. A few of my letters-to-the editor did get published.

Now, that I am trying to polish up my novels for publication, the reason why I wrote them is gone. I am older now. Maybe I know a little more about myself and people and life and why. So polishing the novels is not as exciting as writing the novels because the joy, hope, and mystery behind the words are gone. Plus, everywhere I look my stories have been told, well, maybe not exactly my stories but something similar.

But, I stil write. I write diary entries, short story summaries that pop into my head -- seems like I have been doing that forever. I need a new reason to write. I need to polish these novels and push them out the door.

I need to find new topics, new venues, new joy, hope and mystery.

Why do you write?


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I once read that there're only two reasons why you write...

Either you read an awesome book and you thought to yourself, "I want to write something just as good as that!".
Or, you read such an awful book that you thought, "If this crap can get published, then so can I!"

Or, both.

Either way, that's why I write. I read so much growing up that writing became a natural progression of that hobby.


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For fun. A way to outlet some of the ideas I dream up. It's a way to escape and become someone else for a little while. It is like dreaming during the day. Which is the best part of having a functioniong brain in my opinion.

Kyle R

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I write for my readers.

Oh, I guess for myself, too! But mostly for them. :D
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Because I love words.

What better way to have a love affair with them, than to play around with them whenever I please. I can come and go, I can say what I want, mix them up, string them along, and they'll always be there, doing exactly what I tell them to. ;0)


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i write because my written words are one of the few things that really impresses me about myself....i mean other than my stunningly good looks.

Kyle R

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Lol ^

And here I was thinking, during the beginning of the post, "That's a really profound answer."
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Some people have more of a need to express themselves than others -- and they want people to see the results of that expression as having some value. It starts with an appreciation or love of something --followed by recognition: “Hey, I think I can do that!”

Mostly it’s about recognizing a way to meet a common, emotional need – the need for validation and approval -- with the added benefit of providing something that gives people enjoyment.

I think that’s why people write -- or paint or dance or make music. Those are the core motivations, anyway. Which is why I might care about what you write – but I don’t care all that much about why you say you do it.

I dislike the world. So I create my own.

Well, that sounds poetic.

The thing is, all kinds of people feel that way. But they aren't writers -- they're just delusional. More likely, you put it down on paper because you want to share your world with others -- and you want the satisfaction that comes from those people saying, I can relate to that, I got something from it, or I really enjoyed that etc. etc. I'm betting that's why you're really doing it -- not because you dislike the world so much.

Do you plan on keeping your writing all to yourself?
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The creative desire just happened to funnel itself into writing. Before that it was painting, drawing and sculpting. Now writing has come centre stage, and pushed the others toward the rear.

What someone else said is also true, mind; that I read something brilliant, and wanted to do that myself.


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I have a really vivid imagination and think about things in great depth.
Writing just helps me put these into coherent narratives and ideas.

Plus I just like to tell stories.
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