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Why are you breaking up with the person above you? (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
Because she always steals my clothes without asking, and then hangs them back up when they have mustard stains on them.

Terry D

Retired Supervisor
I won't be seen with anyone who has a better mustache than mine!

(Sorry Sunny, I couldn't help myself)

Kyle R

WF Veterans
Because I'm suspicious of the stains on her clothes which she always claims as "mustard".

EDIT: Darn, Terry!


Senior Member
I flared with jealousy when I saw her at Disney World--all over that black-haired chick in the yellow and blue dress. She said she was going to get the tires changed. Pfft! 'Tires changed,' my butt!


Senior Member
I had to dump Olly due to a nervous tic that he has. The first time I noticed the random spaztic lip pursing was out of the corner of my eye when he was driving to the pizza joint. I thought I had just been imagining the tic, so I brushed it off. But once I noticed it, it's all I could focus on about him. I asked him about it and he wasn't even aware that he did it. When my obsession with his tic got to be so bad that I fantasized about cutting off his lips the next time it happened, I knew it was time to dump him, for my own sanity and his safety.
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