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My opinion?
Harry is going to die. Voldemort is going to die. And Snape is going to die.
We can't go out of the series hating Snape, because that would be disrespectful to Dumbledore's memory, considering he trusted him for all those years. I think he'll sacrifice himself for Harry, or something along those lines.
Wormtail owes Harry his life... hmm. Opinions on how this one will work out?
And I think that Neville's going to be the one to kill Voldy, because Harry will be dead.
Stop me now; I could go on about this for HOURS.
Well, I have only one big theory that I think could be pretty accurate. In an interview J.K. Rowling said that "two morally opposed wizards can't combine to be a single entity" or something along those lines. That made me think back to at the end of the 4th book when Dumbledore found out that Voldy had used Harry's blood, and he had a "gleam of triumph" in his eyes. So my guess is that the way Harry's going to be able to beat Voldy will be because Voldy used his blood.


Senior Member
Harry is the last horcrux. :)

This, of course, means that he has to die in order for Voldie to be killed. Meaning another character (I'm betting on Neville or Ginny) will have to kill Voldie after Harry's dead.

Hermione will end up teaching at Hogwarts.

Snape is good! I know he wouldn't have killed DD on his own. I just know it.