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Who wrote what? OCT LM Guessing Game (1 Viewer)


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Judges should probably not read this thread! ;)

Take a look at this month's anonymous entries and see how well you can spot your fellow WFers' writing styles! Post your guesses in this thread.


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Ashley - Smith
War Wedding - Matchu
The Gray Area - Mish
Untitled - rcallaci
The Dead Man's Dance - Cyberwar
Conga Magic - Tim
The Last - ArrowInTheBowOfTheLord
Z My Name Is - BornForBurning
Defying The Rind - undead_av

Not sure about the others:)


I think I have to take a crack at this, but I only had a couple guesses:

Ashley - EternalGreen (which someone else already said)
Danse Macabre - BornForBurning
The Gray Area - bdcharles

It's gonna be so fun when I turn out to be 0/3 :lol: