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Who is your favourite author and which is your favourite book by him? (2 Viewers)


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Cormac McCarthy for the author, probably.

I'm flexible on the specific title.


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Robert Heinlein. ​Starship Troopers.

Edit To Add: For female author, it would be Anne McCaffrey: Dragonquest. But Heinlein and Pournelle would both be ahead of her IMHO.


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At the moment, it's George Saunders and my favorite book is "Lincoln in the Bardo". Could not recommend this book enough.


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Hm...it's hard to pick a favorite, because I'm more of a topic person than an author person. Uh...GK Chesterton? O'Henry?

If it's military nonfiction we're talking about, I love Eric Bergerud's Touched With Fire.
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I've always loved George Orwell. As a student of Politics, his 1984 is my favorite.

considering when the book was written, Orwell was well adhead of his time. Who knew he could see into the future. We willingly and even unwittingly allow devices into our home that monitor our conversations and even email content and browsing history. Big Brother is listening...

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