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Who is this Dunnskee? (1 Viewer)


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I'm a little Dutch girl dressed in black, and I like writing and the like.
Also I hail from teenagewriters.com and sich, in case you folks would grace us.
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Hi there and let me be the first to welcome you to Writing Forums, Dunnskee. I am sure you'll find members here who will not mind giving a harsh critique. I hope you have fun here and make some new friends amongst us :D

Have fun!

~ Shinn



God, what a hardcore name.
What a deathmetal, highdosage, hardcore fucking name.

Fuck me, you're beautiful.

And you are my allah.



You sound like a pmopous douche.


I agree.

Your name sounds like the noise my cat makes when someone accidentally steps on it.


Like someone with no teeth playing the bagpipes.


i guess it depends on whether or not you're a moron, ox

hi dunnskee, welcome to the forums *runs*

Heh, more along the lines of... OxLIKE Morron, eh, eh?

Kidding, sorry for making a terrible pun at your expense Ox.

I lykd ur pics, lol.

Here's a body shot


ylek wat u c?