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Which Season is Yours (1 Viewer)


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It's Summer, what a beautiful day.
The fields and trees are in full colour.
The skylarks are high in the sky.
All the birds sing their chorus,
even in the pouring rain.

Nature is flourishing,
Summer is here again.
All around the countryside,
the hares, rabbits and pheasants,
all make their habitats,
in the land around here.

Summer is slowly ebbing.
The nights start drawing in.
The colours in the trees,
show a different kind of Hue.

The animals start to ready themselves,
for Autumn to start.
Bringing the mist and the fog,
and the winds blow in,
giving everything a chill.

Then the coldest time of the year.
Frost and snow make it hard
for the animals to feed themselves,
at this particular time of the year.

Then we see the rebirth,
Spring is on it's way.
Everything starts a new life.
From faun and fauna,
to the atmosphere, what a time to be alive.

Now we've come full circle,
Summers here again.
What a difference twelve months can make.
When we're bathed in the sun.