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Which Poetry Form is This? (1 Viewer)


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I wrote a poem for NaPo. #Human Lottery Ten lines. Starting with one syllable on the first line progressing 2, 3 4 syllables up to ten. I was trying to follow a form I'd worked on years ago for the Pip Challenge. Does any one have any idea what this form is called?


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I don't know. You could make one up if Ron (an authority on form) doesn't know the term. I'd use something like 'Incremental'.
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That's it ! thanks so much, Cindy. Maybe i should now make it a double. The new toilet rolls are condoms and yeast :)


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Me too...sorry...still trying to wrap my head around condoms and yeast for a bog roll...mind boggling...



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Damn! I knew etheree once.

Maybe I forgot when I developed an aversion to genres.

(I still couldn't care less.)


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From an old post of mine exploring form poetry


An Etheree consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10 syllables. Ehteree’s can also be reversed and written 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. (total of 55 syllables). They can be written with more than one verse but invert the second verse, and so on, depending on how many verses that are intended. Double, triple verse poems are called Ethere. This form is meant to focus on one idea or subject.

These 10 lines are usually done in unmetered and unrhymed verse. Rhymes/ meter adds a different flavor to it –so if inclined go for it. I’m a rhyming fool so I can’t help myself 

Example of Etheree:

shooting pain
mouth dry, nose bleed,
bad sweat, all wet, chills
ears hurt, stomach cramps, diarrhea
tooth ache, body sores, migraine, lice
hallucinations, burning fever
Take two aspirin - call me when you’re dead

(having a little fun with the form)

Example of a Double Ethere:

Wind, rain
Lightning blast
Thunder power
Nature’s wrath, war path
Clouds in flight; clash and flash
Cold and damp, wet and weary
Sounds of fury, lost in winter
No need to hold me, drowning slowly
Tidal wave, water grave, it won’t behave

Swirling, bubbling, boiling, destroying
Murderous bent merciless intent
Hell bound, heaven sent, pagans wake
Death hound, vicious sound, fire lake
Gathering smoke, no hope
Brimstone smell, farewell
The last

I centered this poem to give it a swirling effect - I used rhyme and a few other effects-mainly the (ing) sound to give it a bubbling and moaning effect. This can be a very versatile foam-not constraining or limiting at all – have fun with it….