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Where's Waldo Part 3 Part 1 and Part 3 Part 2 (1 Viewer)

I am part of a sketch comedy group called Bamba Productions, our videos are everywhere and we have sketches such as Anaconda in a Honda and Pictionary but our claim to fame series is the Where's Waldo series, we filmed Where's Waldo 1 and Where's Waldo 2 and we wanted a trilogy so we called Where's Waldo 3, part 3 part 1, and rather than part 4 we have part 3 part 2...not too clever but here it is, the unedited version of the screenplay because i don't feel like adding in the changes

Where’s Waldo? Part 3: part one

Opens with Tilli in the exact same spot that he left off

- “I need some new mercenaries.”

Tilli goes to audition more mercenaries
- Mr. Twinkle auditions again
- Waldo auditions with a different hat and no glasses
o He holds up cue cards
- Mr. Twinkle comes back with Sexyguy12
o “Wait you guys look familiar.”
o “Of course we do…we’re the smoothie guys…in army camo.”
o “Get the hell out of here.”
- Kevin with sniper attack gear auditions
o “So what are your qualifications?”
o Muffled speech
o “Oooooookkkkaaaayyyy…can you take off the mask?”
o Pulls down mask “No” Puts mask back up
o “Ok well…we’ll get back to you.”
- Schwartz walks in with Pantera shirt
o “You don’t even look like a mercenary.”
o Takes off Pantera shirt to show white shirt with Waldo’s picture with an X through it written on it, and weapons taped all over (because we can’t afford holsters.)
o “Well I guess you have your own weapons. Kill this man.” *holds up Waldo picture.*
o “I know who he is. He ran my father, Dr. Seuss, out of business with his ‘can you find him’ books.”
o “I don’t need the back story, just kill his ass.”
- Fade out
o “Seuss.”
o “Call me Ivan.”
o “No.” “Here’s the plan. Waldo is very dangerous and hard to find. Use any means necessary. He took something very important from me.”
o “What?”
o “Candyland partners.”
o “Damn.”
- Fade in to the woods
- Schwartz randomly kills people
o Tilli: “What in the name of Fuck are you doing?”
o “Killing…you hired me to kill.” Schwartz is holding a guy by the neck and throws him down.
o “I hired you to kill Waldo…none of these are Waldo.”
o “I killed Wally, Walid, Walgreens, and Grimace.”
o “Grimace doesn’t even look like Waldo. He is a McDonalds character.”
o “He is too damn sad. He pissed me off. What the hell kind of name is Grimace?”
o “Are you retarded?”
o “Maybe.”
o “Go kill Waldo.”
- Flash to Hills Field.
o Tilli does the Waldo intro thing.
o “Here’s the deal. I’ve been looking for Waldo for a while now. I hired German mercenaries who were killed so I hired Ivan Seuss to eliminate Waldo once and for all. He is on this field somewhere…There he is.”
o The song from Waldo part one plays. Tilli chases Waldo. Alone.
o Runs into the woods and Waldo is gone
o Schwartz finds Waldo
o “Waldo!” Schwartz chases Waldo around the field. He runs in the woods and Schwartz chases him, firing his gun. Schwartz catches up and fires at Waldo, who Matrixes. Waldo rolls and steals the gun and backs away with it, holding a cue card that says “don’t follow.”
o Once Waldo is out of site, Schwartz chases after him, only to find Wallace. (Waldo with a fake mustache.)
o “Have you seen Waldo?”
o “Wallace shakes his head.”
o “You’re lucky that you look nothing like him…there’s a bounty on his head.”
o Wallace looks surprised.
o “You should be my mercenary apprentice. I’ll teach you how to kill with the best of them.”
o “First though, we gotta get smoothies.”
- Music stops with one of those record scratch things
o “This smoothie taste horrible, what is it made of.”
o The cabinet opens revealing Billy or Kevin curled up dead.
o Dead silence. Then everyone laughs (entire cast of Bamba).
o Music starts and “SMOOTHIES!”
o Spencer and Plasker go smoothie crazy
- Fade to Fieldstone field
o Tilli: “What the FUCK!”
o “What?”
o “Why are you not killing Waldo?”
o “I didn’t find him.”
o “He’s right there.”
o “This is Wallace…he doesn’t even look like Waldo.”
o Tilli rips off the mustache.
o *Gasp*
o “You lied to me Wallace.” Tragic music plays “How could you?” “I trusted you.” Music stops “Well anyway…now it’s time to die.”
o Waldo takes out the gun he stole earlier and blows Schwartz away. He points the gun at Tilli. Tilli had already disappeared.
- Flash to Tilli
o Laughing insanely “It’s time to die, Waldo.”

Where’s Waldo? Part 3: part two: THE CONCLUSION

- Tilli is exactly where he was. He holds up a gun with other guns attached. He puts on army camo. Montage thing of him putting weapons in holsters.
o “It’s Game Time.”
o Steps outside to a sunny day with birds singing and classical music playing. (stock footage needed)
o “This isn’t right…”
o (Stock footage ends) flash to dusk (needs to be filmed at dusk)
o Tilli begins walking towards Fieldstone
o He gets there
o “Here’s the story, I was playing hide and seek with my friend Waldo and I never found him. I think I finally found him. There he is…Now he will meet his maker.”
o SAME EXACT CHASE FROM WALDO ONE…only it’s dusk and tilli is armed
o Catches up to Waldo and instead of being punched in the face, Waldo shoots him in the foot. Tilli hops but then starts running again.
o When they get to the door, Tilli grabs Waldo before he can go into another picture.
o “I have you now.” (Blatant star wars ripoff line)
o A battle begins randomly between the two but in the smoothie shop
o Plastic knives are flying everywhere
o Spencer and Plasker are shocked
§ Waldo pins Tilli to the counter and is about to stab him in the neck but Tilli punches him in the face
§ Tilli: “WAIT!” “I challenge you to a duel.” (thank you Plasker)
§ Tilli and Waldo walk outside
§ “Ten paces.”
§ They walk ten paces turn and fire
§ Tilli shoots Waldo and Waldo falls
§ Tilli walks over and throw his gun onto Waldo
§ “Goodbye…old friend.”
§ HEARTFELT SCENE appears on the bottom of the screen
§ Tilli then kicks Waldo and walks away
§ Time passes

- Waldo gets up, shows a bulletproof vest (any vest)
- He runs into the woods
- Tilli is in a living room looking at a picture of Hanz and Franz
o “I bet you were great at getting out of Molasses Swamp.”
- Waldo walks in
o *Gasp*
o Tilli is ready
o Waldo snaps his fingers and Mr. Twinkle and Sexyguy12 appear
o Tilli runs with the smoothie guys behind him
o Spencer and Plasker yell smoothies
o Tilli jumps behind the shed outside
§ He shoots down the smoothie guys and runs
§ The smoothie guys get up, brush themselves off and walk away like nothing happened
- Tilli find Waldo waiting in the street
- Tilli walks up
o “This is the end of the line.”
o Waldo speaks: “Everybody dance now.”
o Music starts
o Tilli puts up his hand
§ Music stops
§ Tilli: “Never again will I dance to you tune.” “I finally got you Waldo.”
§ Suddenly a car hits Tilli (or he gets shot or something) Waldo looks genuinely stunned
§ Schwartz: “FUCKERRRRRR!!!!!!!” (in the car or holding a sniper)
§ Plasker and Spencer start screaming randomly and get killed by the blender
§ Giulia is babysitting and starts screaming and dies
§ Sniper attack Kevin starts screaming and falls over
§ Hanz and Franz scream and then realize they are already dead
§ Waldo starts screaming but doesn’t die as everyone from Bamba gather behind him and start screaming
§ The scene fades
- Fade in
o Tilli and Hanz and Franz are in Heaven playing Candyland
o Bamba logo appears
o Waldo explodes as a disclaimer appears saying: “No more Where’s Waldo sketches were filmed after this day partially because Waldo died but mostly because we don’t feel like making more of Waldo.”



Senior Member
how did you get away with making videos/screenplays/whatever based on a copyrighted character/concept that is owned lock, stock and barrel, by 'entertainment rights, plc'?...


Senior Member
famous or not, you should know that it's illegal, and all the considerable weight of the owner's legal dept could come crashing down on you, should your stuff ever be brought to their attention... and, if it's on the net, that's bound to happen, eventually...