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Where the government is right now is perfect. (1 Viewer)

aiming for some satire here...wanna know if it works

Where the government is right now is perfect. That lost in the woods and can’t find their way home disguise is perfect. It intimidates the enemy because they don’t know how far out in left field the government can possibly be. Then…BAM!....they’re hit by a great idea coupled with a great statement like “Is our children learning?” GENIUS! I didn’t think a President could have a golden statement like that. That definitely brings a nation together. I would like to reflect on the current administration, the media, and the genius of the people higher up.

Skip 9/11 and fast forward to the War on Terror. Total genius. Make the enemy think we don’t want to leave. America is like that guest at the party who hangs around until 3 AM when everyone left at 11 PM. You know you love that guy. Look at Iraq they couldn’t be happier. Tell me a country that wouldn’t want to be molded into a clone of the country that invaded them? I know I can’t. The media doesn’t want to frighten the American people so they pull some WWII ideas and say as little as possible and what they do say, they sugarcoat so no one fears attack. Who needs truth? If the truth would scare people, leave us in the dark just like the New York rolling blackout. The media is brilliant. Then how about the political scandals? Scandals will always take people’s thoughts from the war. Come on America, we all know those scandals are a farce and I just want to shake your hand and say “clever ruse you crazy genius.”

I think that the government is doing a great job with immigration as well. The population is rising steadily. Another amazing war strategy. Show the enemy that we have more people everyday no matter how many of them don’t technically exist in America. Anyone seen the border fence by the way? It has such a brilliant design that words can’t explain my feelings for the powerful intellect that must have been tapped into to come up with such an idea. They start with concrete and plate steel in highly populated areas in Mexico and when the fence reaches a spot where people don’t live (I never knew Mexico was so unpopulated on half of their border) the government put in wooden stakes with some rusty chicken wire. That’ll show the illegal immigrants not to bring poultry into our country. The media really doesn’t seem to think it is a good idea though and they broadcast their distaste. Why don’t they lie to the American public about this though? They are straying from their usual strategy and I am not pleased.

Garden of Kadesh

Senior Member
I think its a little too overt to be satire...

IMO, it comes off more like a heavily opinionated editorial that uses (perhaps even abuses) sarcasm to get its point across.
i knew it would end up too much like steven colbert type sarcasm only i am not a subtle person like he is and writing something is different than saying it

Garden of Kadesh

Senior Member
Now that you mention it, this does seem colbertish.

One of the problems is that it reads as if somebody was speaking it rather than writing it. Generally its a bad thing if your writing sound like somebody talking.