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Where might be a good place to put this? (1 Viewer)


Tufty Squirrel

Hello all. I have a query: If I wanted to put something up to see what people could offer in the way of criticism, where should I put it? It's something which although non-fiction, involves a fair amount of exaggeration. Should I just stick it into a new thread, or is there somewhere more appropriate? Cheers in advance for any assistance offered. Tufty.


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Here would probably be your best bet, I think.

The non-fiction thread is just basically a place where you can write essays for school or for fun and have people tell you what they honestly think of it.

I don't think it matters if there are a lot of exaggerations in it, this is just a test period for your work. It's a place where you can be heard and where you can come to try and make your work better with help from real people who know what they and others are likely to read.

Or you could also post it in the critic and advice board...selfexplanatory title.
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Tufty Squirrel

Aha, missed that one!

Cheers for the advice, I managed to miss the section you mentioned, but that's corrected now. Cheers, again.


Hey Tufty,

Not sure this is allowed in the forum, but there is a citizen journalism/article/essay site launching next week that I run.
Hopes to facilitate exactly what you need. Check my profile for the link.