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Where is she. (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Alright I give up. I think this game of hide
and seek, has gone on
long enough.

Come on, you can come out now.
Ok you've won.
There's no need to gloat.
Where are you?

Hello I shouted,
no answer just a void.

We're in dense woodland
but where could she be.
This is not like her
she's never been here before.

I feel the sweat,
then I heard a voice.
One I definitely know.

My eyes flickered and my
mouth was dry as I tried
to answer her.

It was at that moment I awoke
from the coma I was in.
What a relief to see her face again.


Senior Member
It felt like a voice of your own consciousness trying to bring you back from your unconscious state to conscious state. Hide and seek between conscious state and unconscious state, for conscious state to win. Did I interpret it rightly knottla?