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Where did you find out about WF?

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i shall call it
incremental transversing
of communities under consideration,
lurk observation over considerable time,
toe testing
deliberate (tenuous) tethering.

took approximately six years
after i made the decision
to locate a diverse creative community of wordsmiths.

there were stops along the way.
much was learned.
WF rocks...
if i had an opinion,
i mean
keywords with high value:
(daily) prompt
challenge (monthly and member)
word games (incredibly important to me as a daily writing toolset)
short/flash/micro fiction
*will append upon review of records*

Pamelyn Casto

WF Veterans
Invited to private Metaphor 3 by Clark Cooke. I never heard of it until he invited me. (Thanks Clark!)

I just discovered I did it again. I misspelled Clark Cook's name. For whatever reason only Freud can determine (or maybe Jung too) I keep adding an "e" to his last name. So sorry, Clark!
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A friend had seen that there was a horror roleplaying game about to start on WF and so we both signed up and tried to jump in. The RPG met an untimely end (that's horror for you) and my friend wandered off to do other things but here I am.


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search engine(s)?
or do you switch between them according to some criteria?

i have my preferred search engine.
i have a second multi-engine search for real research.
i use default search engine on location (academic/library/etc).

let's call the second one dogpile or friend of.



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Hey JJ! - I just noticed you're from BARRIE, ONTARIO. The only time I was ever in jail was in Barrie. I was drunk, as only an 18-yr-old can get drunk, sitting at a bus stop at 2 AM in February a thousand years ago, waiting for a bus out to the RCAF base at Camp Borden (basic training). An RCMP car stopped and one of the officers said (quote): "Hey Dumbo, busses stopped an hour ago and I get a mountain of fucking paperwork dealing with your frozen corpse. Get in the fucking car!" When i launched into a spirited defence of my non-Dumbo status as a member of Her Majesty's armed forces, followed by an equally spirited defence of the virginal status of his car, he unceremoniously threw me in the backseat, put me in a little cell next to the front desk of the cop shop, gave me a cup of tomato soup and a sandwich, and left the cell door open. When I called him "Mom", he locked the cell door. Gotta learn to keep my mouth shut . . . . Fond memories of Barrie!


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I knew nothing of WF. Ron Peat, as Manager of our group, Metaphor 2, had been searching for a better home than LINKEDIN for our group to hang its hat. After a brief sojourn on YUKU (something like that), he came upon WF, specifically PiP, who simply made an offer he couldn't refuse. So, 6 years ago, he moved the entire group to WF and we are happy people here., because the support from admin and other poets is quite amazing