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Yeah, so i just joined...ima noobie, lol, cant wait to get active! :smurfin:


What's up? Well, not much to be honest. Just checking out the forums and doing my usual...

Oh yeah. :) Hello and welcome to the community, B!OLOG!CAL D3MoN. Mind if I call you CAL? It's good to meet you.


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Me, I'm a third of the way through my NaNo novel, "The Anstead Line".

Anyways, let me welcome you to the forum, B!OLOG!CAL D3MoN :)

~ Shinn


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I'm just enjoying my coffee after breakfast. Here in Belgium it's now 9 am
Welcome to the forum!



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lol, I'm okay listening to some Nightmare Before Christmas tracks.
I like your signature. Welcome to the forums, nice to have you here. :)